Tasty Vegan Fast Food At Home Recipe

Beyond Burger with Fries & Milkshake

Doesn't that look good? I know you want some and you can!

On behalf of #nationalcheeseburgerday I added my vegan twist on it accompanied with French fries and a #sodelicous vegan milkshake.



- One (or two) Beyond Meat Burgers (or vegan burgers of your choice)

(This happens to be the best vegan burger I've tried thus far)

- Vegan Cheese slices by Daiya

- Baby Arugula

- Slices of onions

- Small Tomato

- Goddess Dressing

- Ketchup

- Hamburger Bun


- One Potato

- A few tablespoons of olive oil (or vegetable oil of your choice)

- Salt

- Garlic and Herb seasoning


- So Delicious Salted Caramel Cluster Cashew Milk "ice cream"

- Vanilla Almond Milk

- Chocolate Syrup (Optional)

- Almonds (Optional)

Let's start with the French fries!

Preheat oven to 400 degrees and set timer for 30 minutes and line your baking sheet with aluminum foil.

Clean, peel, and slice potatoes in the desire shape.

Place the fries in a large bowl and add the seasoning.

Transport the fries onto the baking sheet making sure each fry has enough room and place it in the oven.

uncooked fries

Rinse baby arugula and tomatoes. Dry the baby arugula in a paper towel and slice tomatoes. Slice onions.

Place baby arugula, tomatoes, and onions back in the refrigerator.

arugula, tomatoes and red onion

Check on the fries and turn them over at the 15 minute mark.

In a small/medium pan, add a a couple of tablespoons of olive oil and turn on the stove to medium/high.

Take out your burgers and remove them from the pack. Place the burgers gently in the pan and add seasoning (if you like).

Follow the instructions on the packet.

Take out the slices of cheese and place it on top of the burger. Wait for them to melt and turn the stove off.

Check on the fries. If they're done, take them out and place them on top of the stove or on a cool rack. IMMEDIATELY, season with garlic seasoning and salt. Let cool.

Take out the ice cream so it can thaw out for a few minutes.

So Delicious Ice Cream and Silk Vanilla Almond Milk

Take out a plate and start assembling your burger!

Place the tries onto the plate with your burger.

Take out a cup or a mason jar and scoop out a half pint of ice cream. Add the vanilla almond milk. About 1/2 a cup. Stir in gradually. Keeping mixing stir until you get your desired consistency. You can add more milk or ice cream depending on your preference. Add syrup and almonds and don't forget your straw.

Enjoy your VEGAN fast food. Tag me on social media and tell me what you think about your meal!

Beyond Burger with Fries and Milkshake


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