Philly Cheesesteak Recipe Made Vegan

vegan steak and cheese

Vegan Steak and Cheese is the perfect comfort food for spring! Thankfully, there are so many vegan food options on the market that cater to vegans and alike. Below is a recipe for a vegan steak and cheese sub!


- Beyond Meat burger (one)

- Daiya cheddar cheese (3 - 4 slices)

- 1/2 of Italian Bread

- 1/2 of Red bell pepper (thinly sliced)

- 1/4 of an onion (thinly sliced)

- Cumin seasoning

- Black pepper seasoning

- Chili powder seasoning

- Cayenne pepper seasoning

- Texas Smokehouse burger mix in by "Grill Mates"

- 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil


1. Thinly slice onions and red bell pepper.


2. Place onion and bell pepper in a saucepan with 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil.

3. Add cumin, cayenne pepper, black pepper, and chili powder to the vegetables and heat stove onto medium-high and cover.

4. Once you hear vegetables sizzling, turn the stove down to medium-low.

5. In a large pan, turn the stove onto medium-high.

6. Add vegetable oil, black pepper, chili powder and a tiny bit of the Texas Smokehouse burger mix in.

7. Add one burger patty to the pan and mash it up as you do when making spaghetti.

8. Turn stove to medium and let cook for 3 minutes.

9. Add 2 - 3 slices of Daiya cheese and cover 5 minutes. Turn heat down to medium-low.

10. Uncover and mix it up.

11. Check on the vegetables.

12. If vegetables are soft, add them to the meat and cheese and mix all together.

13. Place the mixtures on the Italian roll and add 1 - 2 slices of Daiya cheese.

14. Place in the over to 200 degrees and let the cheese melt for about 10 minutes.

15. Carefully take it out the oven let cool for a few moments.


vegan steak and cheese

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