Affordable Wine & Food Pairings At Home

Wine & Food Pairings

There’s nothing like a delicious glass of wine on a crisp fall night! Fall is the perfect season to take a trip to your local winery and sample varieties of wine for the upcoming holiday season.

I am from the East Coast (Maryland to be exact) and there are so many wineries to visit and try out their unique twist on the classics. I planned on visiting a winery this past weekend because Mother Nature had other plans however, that didn't stop me from trying different wines at home! I sampled four wines each with a food pairing. If you want to know more, scroll below!

1. Moscato D'Asti with a Rum Bun

Moscato & Rum Cinnamon Bun

I love anything sweet and this wine did not disappoint! As a matter of fact, the very first wine that I ever tasted was a Moscato.

Moscato D'Asti is sparkling white wine best paired with a dessert. The difference between Moscato and Moscato D'Asti is that Moscato D'Asti is produced in the Asti region in Italy.

2. Mountain White with a Fruit Bowl

White Wine & Berries

Not only is this wine local but it is my favorite wine. It is sweet but still balanced, fruity, and delicious. In my opinion, it is best served chilled.

3. Sweet Riesling with Crab Cake Sandwich

Sweet Riesling & Crab Cake Sandwich

Riesling is best paired with pretty much anything seafood. It is sweet but still balanced with just the right amount of acidity. This wine comes from Washington State.

4. Menage A Trois with Spicy Ramen

Dark Red Wine Blend & Spicy Vegan Ramen

The Tall, Dark, and Handsome wine! If I'm not in the mode for a light, sweet, and crisp wine, I always gravitate towards this Menage A Trois Midnight wine. This wine offers hints of blackberry (my favorite), mocha, and spice. It's rich, velvety, seductive, romantic, mysterious, sexy.... (okay, I'm done). Pair this wine with a spicy ramen soup and it will not disappoint.

Spicy Ramen recipe is down below!

Try some of them and let me know what you think. What are some of your favorite wines?

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Spicy Ramen Recipe


- 2 cups of water

- 1 ramen packet

- 1 teaspoon of soy sauce

- 1/2 teaspoon of red chili powder

- nori


- Bring water to a boil.

- Add 1/3 of the ramen powder, soy sauce, and red chili powder.

- Turn the temperature down to medium high and add the ramen.

- While the ramen is still in the water, take a part with a fork for 2 minutes.

- Remove the ramen the heat and pour it in a bowl.

- Add nori in the ramen.


P.S. Always drink responsibly!

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